E N C L O S U R E S:  T I M E S  A N D  P L A C E S  

bound March 2017 - June 2018


A book of wood engravings by Andrew Anderson
Evergreen Press, 2009

A crossed-structure binding in laminated Harmatan goatskin. Inner concertina wrapper of dyed Tyvek. Lacunose strap/buttons. Recessed onlaid lines of alum tawed goatskin.

Box contains stand and doubles as display plinth.

Click here for an interminable account of the binding process.


Front cover: recessed grey leather onlays depict elements of a clockface.

Back cover: recessed onlays of musical notation.

Graphite edges. Cover fore-edges contain carbon fibre rods for rigidity.
Crosshatching blocked in silver foil.
Artist's monogram.
Covers secured with laminated parchment 'donuts' (upcycled title deed)
sewn with silver wire.

Magnetic lacunose strap detatched revealing hidden patch of 'grass'.
Inside cover design represents layout of Stonehenge – onlays indicating remaining stones.
Tyvek wrapper decorated with stylised stonework design in ink.
Tyvek wrapper folded around flyleaf.

Box of dyed Tyvek and 'Windmill' paper.

Removable magnetic insert (left).
Reverse of insert shows display instructions.
Collapsible magnetic stand (left).

Folding cushions…

Insert stored in right hand side…
…allowing box to be laid flat, forming a display plinth.
Stand located with magnets.

Wings of stand folded up to secure text block via more magnets.